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Changing The Way Talent Engages With Businesses

Market Knowledge

We want the same things as you, which is for businesses to hire the right people, and for candidates to make the right career choices.

The best way to ensure that there are no surprises for either the new employee or the business making the hiring decision is to provide as much information as possible to aid the decision making process.

Since opening in 2014, Ford Peterson has gathered information on over 600 accounting firms in Sydney.

The information covers:

  • Average working hours;
  • Type of work each firm does;
  • Training and study support;
  • Social environment of each firm;
  • Additional Incentives.

People leave jobs for a reason.

Providing candidates with this information allows them to be confident they are accepting a job for the right reasons.

Providing clients with as much information as possible about where a future employee is coming from gives them ample opportunity to address potential concerns during the interview process.

Talent Management Programs

There are two sides to the recruitment equation, when it comes to candidates, we are committed to helping people at every stage of their career.

This includes running regular career nights, networking and social events and soft skill development programs.

Our ongoing investment in each candidate’s respective career means that the majority of candidates we represent to your business are referrals and will be working exclusively with Ford Peterson.

Why is this important?

There are several reasons, not least that good candidates will get multiple offers.

Our exclusive on going relationship with candidates means that in the event a candidate receives multiple offers, they won’t have several recruiters trying to out sell each other.

Rather, they will be presented with the best possible information to help them make the right career choice.

This means that when a candidate accepts an offer to work for a business, they will they will have had the opportunity to evaluate each position properly, making them far more likely to succeed.

Ford Peterson Is Opening In Melbourne

Ford Peterson recently secured an office space in the worlds most liveable city and we will be opening the doors in early 2017.

If someone you know someone that is interested in speaking about opportunities in Melbourne we have a number of positions already so please do not hesitate to pass on our contact details.



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